Perfume & Toothpaste While Fasting

Are we allowed to use perfume and tooth-paste while fasting?

Drinking perfume is not permissible! But I don’t think the brother was referring to that. Using perfume, wearing perfume while you’re fasting, there is nothing wrong with that.

See, this is the beauty of Islam, if you have knowledge, you don’t need people to come and tell you do or don’t!

“What knowledge do you mean?”

I get people saying: “Listen brother, I performed ablution and then I put the cigarette packet in my pocket, so, do I have to perform ablution again?”, I say: “No”, and they say: “O! Jazak Allah Khayr!”, but that doesn’t mean that smoking is okay, smoking is Haram; but if you know the things that nullify your Wudu, then you don’t have to ask anybody about anything else.

There are few things that nullify your Wudu, so, if someone says: “Okay, what about smoking a cigarette, does it nullify your Wudu?”, “Does it fall under the five categories we have mentioned?”, he says: “No”, “Then Khalas! You have answered yourself”, “But it’s Haram!”, “I know it’s Haram, but does it affect your Wudu? No!”, it’s like I’m having my Wudu and I went to the ATM in an interest based bank and I took a 100 pounds, so, do I have to make Wudu?

Likewise in fasting, breaking your fast is known, the things that break your fast, wearing perfume is not one of them, definitely! Toothpaste is probable if you swallow but if you make sure that you just brush your teeth, you gargle well, you turn the water in your mouth, you clean your mouth and you spit it out, it’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sheikh Assim Al-Hakim