Postponing Zakah Till Ramadan

My Zakah is due in the month of Rajab which is the 7th month of the Islamic calendar, yet I choose to give it in the 9th month of the year which is Ramadan seeking the blessing and Baraka of Allah, is this permissible?

No, postponing the Zakah for two months so that it would be spent in the holy month of Ramadan is not permissible. You have to pay it on the spot in the month of Rajab.

This is a misconception that a lot of Muslims have, thinking that we would only give our Zakah in Ramadan. What about the remaining eleven months? People won’t be in need? Won’t they be in poverty? No! They will continue to be in need and in poverty and hence, it’s not permissible to allocate Ramadan only to pay for your Zakah.

Sheikh Assim Al-Hakim