Being Old And Not Fasting Ramadan

My elderly auntie is under medication and very tired to fast, she didn’t make up for these days yet, nor did she give Kaffarah “expiation” for not fasting, what should she do?

They are either going to recover or they are chronically ill, and the doctors say that they will never ever recover and they will never be able to fast again.

If they will be able to fast again some point in the future, they do not give any expiation and they must wait until they’re better and then they have to make up for the days missed even if it was four or ten or twenty years, as long as they will recover and will be better.

But if they are chronically ill and the doctors say: no way that they will ever be able to fast, in this case at the end of Ramadan, they have to feed 30 or 29 poor persons for everyday missed, one person for everyday missed in Ramadan.

Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him), when he got really old, this is what he used to do: he used to cook a big meal and he used to invite 29 or 30 poor persons, depending on how long Ramadan was, and he would have them eat until they’re full, and this would do the job Insha’Allah.

Sheikh Assim Al-Hakim