Rules For Marriage in Islam

Could you please explain to me the requirements of a valid marriage in Islam?

The following are the requirements of a valid marriage:

The pillars of marriage are three:

1. The couple must be free from any legal prevention to their being able to marry one another, like a close relationship or fosterage.

2. The woman must have the approval of her guardian.

3. There must be an offer and acceptance.

The conditions of marriage are four:

1. The presence of the couple

2. Their approval

3. The presence of the woman’s guardian

4. Two male, Muslim witnesses

These are the requirements of a valid marriage.

Our Prophet (peace be upon him) said : “Any woman married without the consent of her guardian, then her marriage contract is void , and the ruler is the guardian for whom has no guardian”. He also said: “There is no marriage without a guardian.”

The girl’s father is her guardian unless he is proven unfit on grounds of insanity, immorality, or malicious intent by a Muslim judge in an Islamic court or other presiding Islamic authority in the locality. In such cases, his guardianship is revoked and the next closest male relative will become her guardian.

Sheikh Nayif Al-Hamad