Sacrifice - Before or After Eid Prayer?

Should the Qurbani sacrifice be done before or after Eid prayer? From the Hadith of Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) I understand that the Qurbani has to be given before the Eid prayer because it states if you can afford and do not give Qurbani then do not come to pray Eid in the Masjid, on the other hand, Surat Al-Kawthar says pray and then sacrifice, is this indication that sacrifice should be given after the Eid?

That Hadith doesn’t mean that you sacrifice before the Eid prayer, because the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) in other Ahadith, he said, "If you slaughter before the Eid prayer, you have to repeat and slaughter another one", so the Qurbani has to be slaughtered after the Eid Salah. If you slaughter before, it is not the Udhiyah, and you have to make another one, so it is after the Salah of the Eid.

And you can carry on if you didn’t manage to slaughter it on the first Eid day, second, third and the fourth, three days after Eid all these are days for slaughtering.

Sheikh Salem Al-Amry