Who Slaughters Udhiyah & How Distribution is Done?

Is offering Qurbani a personal experience, that is I have to personally sacrifice the ram, or is it sufficient for me to have the intention and pay someone else to slaughter the ram due to limitations or protest in my country? Also how should the Qurbani be distributed? Does it all go to the needy, or can I have a proportion be retained for the family?

The Sunnah is to slaughter by yourself if you know slaughtering. If you feel that you don’t know, you can ask somebody else to slaughter the animal. I know that Greenpeace and the animal rights movements object, so we go to the abattoir or slaughterhouse and slaughter there rather than slaughtering in our houses, and somebody else can who knows how to slaughter can slaughter the animal on your behalf.

It is a Sunnah that you witness the slaughtering. If you can't slaughter yourself, then you witness the slaughtering itself.

As for the distribution, you divide the Udhiyah into 3 lots, one for you, one for the poor or the needy and one for your close relatives. You can also give to the non Muslims as well.

Sheikh Salem Al-Amry