Did Jesus Say "I AM GOD"?

While looking through my Bible - in the Gospels - I found many quotations (by Jesus himself) where he says he is GOD. So, if you Moslems say you believe in the Bible too - then why don't you admit Jesus is God and He died for your sins?

The early Bible scholars and translators of the Bible into English, did not have this opinion. This is your opinion.

Christian - The first is in John 8:58 where Jesus is speaking about Abraham and that Abraham had seen His day. The Jewish men challenged Jesus saying:
"You are not yet 50 years old, and have you seen Abraham?" Jesus replied "Truly, truly I say to you, before Abraham was, I am."

Actually, according to Islam - all of us were existing prior to being born - all of us were presented in front of Almighty God and asked the question, "Am I not your Lord?" And we all said, "Yes." And then Almighty God put us in the 'backbone' of Adam after removing the experience from our memory.

Christian - Here Jesus was claiming his existence before the time of Abraham. Jesus used the words "I am" in which God uses to designate himself as the eternal existing one to Moses in Exodus 3:14.

This would be a contradiction if you take into the statements in what remains of the Bible regarding "Melchezidek" who lived before Abraham and was without father or mother and was a priest of high order.

Christian - Right when the Jews heard this claim they knew he was proclaiming himself as God and "they took up stones to throw at him."

When the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, proclaimed the message of Almighty God being One, without any partners and that all worship, praise and devotion were due only unto him, his own people (At-Ta’if) did the very same thing to him. They picked up stones and threw them at him. An angel appeared and told him that Almighty God would bring the mountains down on these people, if he would only give the command. Yet, he prayed for them to be guided and to worship Almighty God Alone, without any partners. The all later became Muslims.

Christian - Throughout the Gospels Jesus claimed to know the hearts of men (Mark 2:8), an attribute unable to be held by mere prophets but only by God himself.

One of the many things that prophets do is to tell people things that they cannot know except by the permission of the Almighty. Jesus testified to this himself, peace be upon him [see below]

Christian - Jesus also claimed to have the power to forgive sins (Mark 2:5-7), an authority held only by God himself.

Prophets are given knowledge to know when people are sincere or fake and when they are forgiven or not, sometimes and this is also from Almighty God. Muhammad, peace be upon him, also mentioned that certain people would for sure be forgiven and that they would enter the Paradise. They are known historically in Islam as "The Ten."

Christian - Although Jesus does not come right out and say "I AM GOD," it is clearly stated, by Jesus Christ himself, through out each and every Gospel that he is God Almighty.

You are right. Jesus, peace be upon him, NEVER DID SAY "I am God"

In fact, we see in many verses [below] he did categorically deny such blasphemy. He prayed to God. He worshipped the Lord. He submitted to God's Will ["Even so, Thy Will be done"] and he did not have all hidden knowledge [remember when he went to a tree and found it barren and then cursed it?]

Sheikh Yusuf Estes