Harsh Attacks Against Islam?

What is the perfect way to answer harsh questions against Islam?

As regards providing a rather simple and straightforward answer in these and similar matters when making Dawah or just sharing the basics of Islam, we do recommend the following steps:

Remember that the people asking such questions usually are not really trying to attack Islam nor are they intentionally trying to provoke ire or anger on your part. They have been programmed by the media and enemies of Islam to have preconceived notions of hatred and animosity against Islam. So, do not take offense at the coarse and crude approach that they might take in offering their concerns.

Keep in mind that most of the people that come to Islam these days, like myself, were once those who attacked Islam while they were still in a state of ignorance, just as were the early companions of Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him). So, stay loose and keep your cool. Be patient with them.

1. Thank them for their interest in your religion and for taking their time to educate themselves by asking a Muslim rather than going to the non-Muslims. Tell them that this does show a decided note of sincerity on their part (and it does, by the way).

2. Explain to them that we as Muslims are commanded to tell the truth in all situations and we are not permitted to lie either about our religion or about others. Truth is an essential part of Islam and whether they know it or not, you must keep in mind that you cannot lie. If you don't know the exact answer or you are not sure how to prove it, you are not allowed to guess.

3. A very important subject in Islam is the fact that we do have so much factual proof for all matters. Consider the Quran and the Hadith are all preserved and attested to by the most righteous and upright people who have ever walked on this earth. Time and again it has been proven that the Quran and Hadiths have weathered the allegations and insinuations of the very worst of those who disbelieve in Allah and the Message of Islam.

4. Remind the person that there are certain prejudices and biases against Islam in the media, politics and within certain religious groups. Also you should mention the fact that there really are some people doing things in the name of Islam, and they are not really acting as Muslims. This is important for all of us to keep in mind.

5. Go over the fact with them that some of the questions that are being asked are simply not questions, they are statements with question marks after them instead of periods or exclamation points. One example I give is the one where someone asks you; "Is your mother out of jail yet?" While you know that your mother is not in jail, nor has she ever been in jail, you are faced with a problem of dealing with a question that is phrased in such a way as to make listeners believe that your mother is or has been in jail at some time.

6. Another thing that I always like to point out to people when they come to me with an attitude of attacking Islam, is that if while we are going over the answers to their questions, they might just find that the answers are something that they actually like and they might see things in a different light. I like to ask them if this occurs; "Are you willing to reconsider your position and considering worshipping your Lord Alone, without any partners?" This is a very important part of giving the answer.

7. Present the real basics first. Break down the words:

A) "Allah" means: (The Only One to Worship; never plural; never male, nor female; used by Jews & Christians for centuries)

B) "Islam" actually mean: (Surrender, submission, obey, sincerity and peace - To Allah)

C) "Muslim" mean: (a person who does "Islam" i.e., he or she surrenders, submits, obeys, in sincerity and peace to Allah)

D) "Quran" mean: (Recitation or Speech of Allah to His creation of Mankind, preserved in over 9,000,000 Muslims hearts)

E) "Muhammad" (Peace and blessings be upon him), only came to redeliver the same message of all the previous messengers:

  • Worship Almighty God, Alone and without making any partners with Him at any time in worship.
  • He believed in Almighty God as the One and Only God, Creator and Sustainer of the whole universe.
  • He believed in the original Old Testament; New Testament; Psalms of David; and Final Testament (Quran).
  • He believed in all the prophets of Almighty God: Noah; Abraham; Moses; David; Solomon; Jesus the Christ.
  • He believed in Jesus (Peace and blessings be upon him), as the Messiah (Christ in Koine Greek).
  • He believed the Antichrist would come in the Last Days and mislead many.
  • He believed that Jesus is with Almighty God and will return in the Last Days and lead true believers to victory over Satan.
  • He taught that no one would be saved by their deeds, but that "Salvation is only through the Grace of Almighty God."

F) "Jihad" means: "Struggle against oppression; Fight against wrongdoing; War against terrorism."

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Present your answers only after establishing the above 7 steps. This is all very important. And then finally:

Offer to answer the question, after you straighten out the mistakes in it and present the correct way the question should be and do so:

  • Briefly
  • Concisely
  • Nicely

That's all there is to it.

Now recommend to them to read the Quran for themselves and see what it really says.

Any good is from Allah & the mistakes were from myself.
May Allah guide all of us to His Truth, Ameen.

Sheikh Yusuf Estes