Giving Dawah to Someone Who Left Islam

A colleague who works with me, a friend of mine, left Islam and accepted Christianity and he is Murtad (apostate). I told him about the fabrications in the Bible and how it changed from its original form and he was very adamant, means he was very stout (he wasn't going to listen). And may Allah guide him. What is the best way to give such person Dawah? He claims to strictly follow the New Testament.

When somebody leaves Islam, what should you do? Well first and foremost it's not you who is responsible for them going out of Islam. Therefore you cannot bring them back to Islam either. What you can do is pray to Allah and ask Allah to guide them. Because in fact it's Allah who took them out, because he doesn’t want them. That's the real deal. Allah does not want some people. Because he knows what is in their hearts. He only accepts pure, because He is pure. If your heart isn’t pure for Allah you will never make it.

The Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) said, if a person has a grain of what’s called shirk (associating partners with Allah) they are not going to go to Paradise. And Allah said in the Quran Himself, in An-Nisa’, chapter 4, verse 8, Allah does not forgive that people set up partners with Him. But He can forgive anything less then that.

So when people want to worship Jesus, they’re not worshipping the God of Jesus. They’re worshipping Jesus. According to the Bible (which I have) it says that Jesus told them to worship my God and your God, my Lord and your Lord. The Bible that I have, said that he told them how to pray directly to the father. We don’t call Allah “the father,” we call Him the God. He never said, “I’m God, worship me.” What happened, this came many years later from people who were promoting different religion and there are books on it on our website. Go on our website and read about this. There’s a lot of examples of what we use. Some people came back to Islam, but some didn't. So what. You're trying your best. Cry to Allah, pray to Allah, ask Allah two things: One, bring them back to Islam, guide them, don’t let me follow them, keep me in the guidance of Allah.

Sheikh Yusuf Estes