Can I Listen to Islamic Nasheeds?

What is the ruling on Nasheeds commonly [found] amongst many of the youth, which they call 'Islamic Nasheeds'?

If these Nasheeds have Islamic meanings whilst not having in them any musical instruments such as duffs, other drums, or the like, then there is no problem in this.

However, it is necessary to explain an important prerequisite for their permissibility, and that is that they should be free of anything contradicting the Shari’ah such as excessiveness [Such as going to extremes in praising the Prophet (Peace and blessings upon him)] and the like.

Then another condition is that it should not become a habit because that diverts listeners [of the Nasheeds] from the recitation of the Qur'an, which is encouraged in the prophetic, purified, Sunnah. Likewise, it diverts them from seeking beneficial knowledge and calling to Allah Subhanahu.

As for the use of Duffs in Nasheeds, then this is permissible for women when amongst themselves, and not for men, and on Eid and on weddings only.

Sheikh Nasirud-Deen Al-Albani