What is Eid?

My son would like to know what is Eid?

Eid is for Muslims, we fast one month of Ramadan, and maybe you mom will teach you how to fast even for a few hours. Then after fasting for one month we celebrate, because we became happy that we finished Ramadan so this is how we celebrate Eid, after finishing thirty days we thank Allah, we go out side and pray and the kids play and have fun, toys and many things to do on the Eid day.

We Muslims have two Eids, one after Ramadan and one after Hajj, and in Hajj we Muslims go to Makkah, and after the Hajj we have one day of Eid which is the tenth day if Dhul-Hijjah, and we have to sacrifice by slaughtering a sheep. It is fun, and then we thank Allah the All-Mighty for that. Also we have one weekly Eid and that is Friday.

Sheikh Salem Al-Amry