Where do Women Shorten Their Hair After Umrah?

When a woman finishes her Umrah, is she suppose to cut her hair on the mountain of Al-Marwah or she can cut it later outside Al-Masjid Al-Haram? As while cutting her hair she has to remove her head scarf. If not, then how will she cut it?

What many women do in the Umrah they reveal their hair at the Mount of Marwah and there are men cutting; this is absolutely Haram. This is absolutely Bid’ah, and has nothing to do with Islam. The Muslimah should go to her home or hotel where she feels safe, no one can see her, and she can cut her hair there.

That is why she should take small scissors so that she can use it there. What you see practiced there is Munkar; that is not permissible, that is not correct in Islam. So where you are staying in the hotel, you remove the scarf and take what is equivalent to 1cm from the locks of your hair. If your hair is not in locks, many women now don’t have locks, their hair is very short, so cut 1 cm from all over your hair. You gather your hair all together and cut 1 cm.

Sheikh Salem Al-Amry