Taking Sutrah For Salah in Mecca

Is the Sutrah Wajib "compulsory" in Mecca or not?

The Sutrah is Wajib "compulsory" in Mecca as elsewhere. There is, too, no evidence to support any differentiation between Makkah and other places. In addition, the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) placed a spear in front of him in the plain of Makkah and then performed Dthuhr and Asr.

When he entered the Ka'bah too, he used its wall as a Sutrah. When he made Tawaf around the Ka'bah, he placed the Maqam “station” of Ibrahim between himself and it, then performed Salah. This was what was done also, by the Sahabah after him.

Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen