Are There Proofs That Allah Exists?

I have tried every religion I’ve heard of so far and I’ve liked Islam. But I still have a question, the question is regarding Allah, Is there a proof that Allah exists?

A good evidence is when scientists, who otherwise don’t even believe in God at all, are suddenly looking at Islam and saying they have to admit that there is a God. It’s because of the work of the Muslims, producing what’s in Quran and in the Hadith (teachings of Muhammad), that these scholars of other sciences or disciplines say “let's back up and rethink our position.” Let me give you an example. Number one, go to, you will see a link for science; click on that and then go to the site.

You can listen to these scholars, you can watch their videos, different scholars, different sciences, well known scholars around the world, Dr. Keith Moore, etc.

One of them made his Shahadah and entered Islam while he was on video camera. This is something I think is amazing, that's one proof.

There are other proofs. Try, Read what it says about just one of his names, that in itself is something for you to think about. I’d like for you to take the time to go through that.

Sheikh Yusuf Estes