Doing Umrah Right After Finishing Another One

A man performed the Umrah - and after completing it, went to Ta’if to do something. After completing what he had to do in Ta’if he wanted to perform Umrah for a deceased person, so is this permissible?

There is no harm for him to do this. If a person performs Umrah, then leaves Mecca to go to Ta’if or Jeddah for some reason, and while there it occurs to him to do Umrah for a deceased person, then there is no harm in that, even if he repeated this - there is no prohibition.

That which is forbidden is to remain in Mecca, and then depart to At-Tan'im “Masjid 'Ayshah” so as to return to Mecca to do another Umrah. This is what is forbidden.

Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen