Mistakes During Tawaf

There are some mistakes which occur while making Tawaf, what are those mistakes?

Many pilgrims adhere to specific supplications while making Tawaf. There are groups from amongst them that take their supplications from one designated to read and then they all repeat this as a group in chorus. This is a mistake from two points:

1. This is adhering to a supplication which is not mentioned to be adhered to in the this place (Tawaf) because no specific supplication has been mentioned on the authority of the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) while making Tawaf;

2. The group supplication in chorus is an innovation, which also interferes with the concentration of other pilgrims making Tawaf. That which is legislated is for everyone to supplicate on their own without raising the voices.

Sheikh Salih Ibn Fawzan